♦♦ Olivia ♦♦

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              Hair:      ""D!va"" Hair Marie       (up secont floor, in center to the wall)   GIFT!
              Skin:      cStar - Olivia 03 - Light       NEW!!
              Necklace:      ^^ Swallow^^ Necklace Black     Group GIFT!
              Clothes:       .:SS:. MESH ROMPER FATPACK (5 sizes each)     NEW!!
              Bracelet:       SBH 016 Iron Tiger Jewelry     GIFT!!   
              Ring L:     ~IT~ Summer 2012 Ring      GIFT!
              Ring R:       DSL #05 Scrub     GIFT!
              Nails:      CHANDELLE - Nails RR black - Dolarbie july/2012    Price  1L !!
              Shoes:      [Lacely heels Dark Nude/nude][wear shoes bag]Angelic Lefevre     NEW!!


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