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           I dedicate this post lingerie for valentines,  ✿ Beautiful ✿ I hope you enjoy. Kisses!!
           Hair:     MINA Hair - Dido Black - Seraphim   Group GIFT!
           Eyes:     .ID. February  Group GIFT!
           Lipstick:    .ID. Lip Dots Pack  Group GIFT!
           Lingerie:   ZombiePopcorn Hunt - Sticky fingers #40 hunt It's up there to keep you col baby.. GIFT!
                                                   (in the set includes lollipop)  
           Brazalet:    KOSH- IRON HEART BRACELET   Group GIFT!
           Tatto:    Vestigium - Floral Back   Group GIFT!
           Feet:      BM Ultimate Contessa  Group GIFT!                 
                                                     (skin, nails and rings already posted)
           P.D. I'll put more, but it is for you to go a bit advanced in day :-)


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