I can be your guide?

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           Skin:      Hinako skin Prototype 2   Lucky letter GIFT!
           Eyes:     ZombiePopcorn Hunt - REPULSE #29   GIFT!
           Tatto face:     ZombiePopcorn Hunt - White Widow #36  Hunting: birds and butterfliels GIFT!
           Clothes:    ZombiePopcorn Hunt - AMERICAN BAZAAR #33  Hunting: Two is company and three is Multitasnking  GIFT!
           Nails:   dollarbie - bag + nails - Lemure store   NO GIFT  2L 
           Compass:    ZombiePopcorn Hunt - [ContraptioN] #35   I, the left of my great nation, and the closest to its heart. GIFT!
           Necklace:      ZombiePopcorn Hunt - CONCRETE FLOWERS #21  Hoot Hooot  GIFT!


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